Friday, September 24, 2021

The Future of Power Technology – Thorium?

Introduction Scientists say climate change is getting worse and there could be serious consequences for our planet...

What happens if we use the screen too much? Jay Shetty

How much time do you spend on your phone? Go to your phone setting and type screen time. If you've never done...

Best tips while travelling.

Here are few quick travel tips, especially if you're in technology. Never forget the Phone.

Lamborghini Vision GT the concept car (is now trending)

Now concept cars are running on the craze with the Lamborghini Vision GT - the futuristic Lamborghini car that will be available...

What actually happened to the PlayStation? Playstation price in India!

Who can dislike Sony's PlayStation? It was a machine that brought us countless hours of fun and was ahead of its time...

Is Apple building a foldable iPhone?

Intro: It’s been a quite busy day for a foldable iPhone. After reports that the company would cast off...

Graphene Batteries – The future batteries

Intro : Industry alike has been waiting for a better battery one that charges faster and lasts longer a...

Best Phones Under 10000 In India

There's no smartphone which is satisfactory for everyone, however, we have spent lots of hours trying out ratings of best phones so that you can discover the pleasant one. The phone you purchase relies upon your price range and which platform - iPhone or...