In this article, you will learn so many little tricks and hacks that you can do to make your outfit look 10 times better. So today we have a list of seven style hacks that you can start doing right now to look your best. And I made sure that these are free or cheap, affordable, so I kept that in mind as well.


Let’s get started starting with number one, shirt stays. And do you guys know what a shirt stay is? Because I know that I didn’t know for a very long time. Actually, a lot of men don’t know what it is and that’s fine. So it’s basically the successor that you wear on your shirt. It connects your shirt and your socks most of the time, and it makes sure that your shirt stays tucked in perfectly. No more muffin top, no more jamming your shirts back inside your pants and adjusting it. Try to get it tucked in properly. Shirt stays will stay hidden and they make sure that your shirts are always fully stretched, making you look way more fresh and dapper than everyone else around you. So if you like to wear your shirts tucked in, if you work in an office and if for some reason they keep pulling up, giving you that weird bulge on the sides and in the back, shirt stays are perfect for you.

Number two, and this is kind of a funny one. But if your shoes are killing your feet, alright, if your feet are hurting from your new shoes because you have to break them in or whatever, you can always just use anti per print or a slippery deodorant on your heels. If you’re getting blisters or if they’re just painful, then you can just rub one of these rollerballs or deodorant sticks around your heels. That will help. You can also do it alongside your feet to create a layer of lubricant that stops the friction that causes those blisters. That way, you don’t have to be putting bandaids on your blisters because we all know how painful that is. Also, if you have sweaty feet, this helps just saying, look, we all know that this is a very temporary solution. It’s kind of weird to put the odorant around your feet so you don’t get blisters, right? So I have a much better solution for you, which is tip number three.

You should get sneakers that come in quarter sizes. That’s right. Like nine and a quarter or 10 and three quarters that exists. . Our next clothing hack that is number four, you guys are gonna probably judge me for this one. It’s a little bit weird, but it’s a great tip. All right, if you’re willing to try it, you should try it. And that is putting jeans in your freezer. I used to wash my jeans pretty much every week. I would wear them once, maybe twice. Throw them in the wash, throw them in the dryer. But not anymore, because hear me out. When you throw your jeans in the wash, the colours start fading. The wash is not gonna look as good anymore. Your black jeans are gonna start getting Gray and faded, and that’s not right. We spent a lot of money on those jeans, right? Not to mention the shape gets kind of ruined. So they stretch out or they shrink.

So it’s not good for your jeans. So instead, what you can do is you can put them in, like a ziplock bag and then put them in the freezer overnight. The low temperatures in the freezer are gonna kill the bacteria. It’s gonna get rid of all that bad smell. If you have any stains, you can just use something small. Use a towel and get rid of it. It’s like magic. It’s free. It’s super easy. No more fading, no more stretching, no more shrinking. And you can just pick them up the next day. Put them on, make sure they warm up a little bit. Otherwise, it’s gonna be really cold around that area. Probably don’t want that. Our next clothing hack.


Number five, do not mix colourful clothing with white clothes. Never mix those two together because the call for ones is gonna bleed into the white. My mom used to tell me this all the time, but I didn’t really believe her until one day I put on a really nice shirt that I loved. And because of a stupid red sock, my shirt was red. I pulled it out of the dryer, and it was just red. So more of the story. Don’t buy red socks. No more of the story. Do not wash them together. All right, so now I haven’t been for white and haven’t been for colours, especially dark colours. So I just wash them separately, dry them separately, and no more colour bleeding. Number six, the Water Bottle Spray trick. Now, I think I’ve talked about this a couple of times here on the channel, but a lot of you guys still ask me about this. I bring a little water bottle with a spray-on top everywhere I go. I literally have my luggage right now because I’m flying out today to a different country, and it’s in my luggage. I can see it from here just because it’s so much easier to get rid of wrinkles with that stupid little water ball. Look, I hate ironing my clothes. It takes forever.

Sometimes you ruin your clothes when I go to a hotel and they have, like, iron and it’s dirty. So then you iron your white shirt and you get that streak of black. You don’t want that. And a lot of times, I don’t have the time to iron a shirt. It takes a long time. So you get the water bottle, you just stretch out your shirt like this, spray it, tap it, and that’s it. If you have a hanger, even better, you can just leave it on like this. Spray the water and wait. Quick Disclaimer if you bunch up your shirt into a ball, throw it into a bag and leave it there for a week and then take it out and expect the water to get rid of that. I’m sorry, it’s not gonna work, but, you know, if you fold it and then in your luggage and you travel and you get there, and you want to get rid of those increases, that will happen. So it’s not for everything, but it’s a really good trick if you’re on the go or if you’re in a rush. An even easier option for you guys who don’t have time is using the showers team. I don’t know. I don’t mean put your shirt on and then go in the shower. That’s obviously not gonna work, but what you can do is you can actually just hang up your shirt in your bathroom, hang it up where you hang your towels, take a hot steamy shower. Don’t turn the vent on, and that steam is gonna help get rid of all the wrinkles. Maybe you’re in a rush and you don’t have time to iron or steam. Or maybe you don’t have a little water bottle with a spray. The nozzle on it. Or maybe you just want to try it out, give it a try and see Because I’m telling you, you’re gonna take a nice, hot steamy shower, and it’s going to do all the work for you guys.

How do you hack clothes?

You guys are gonna probably judge me for this one. It’s a little bit weird, but it’s a great tip. All right, if you’re willing to try it, you should try it. And that is putting jeans in your freezer. I used to wash my jeans pretty much every week. I would wear them once, maybe twice. Throw them in the wash, throw them in the dryer.

These were the clothing hacks.

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