The institution of marriage in India is a mere social construct that adheres to the notion of companionship, the fulfilment of sexual desire and childbearing. The idea of romance is often linked with marriage but when we look back we see a cruel tradition of child marriage. Deconstructing any form of a social construct is important as we understand why exactly it was created in the first place and how the generations have challenged the ideas behind it.

India as a country known as the worshippers of several female deities believed that a girl child when born, is a burden on the family so they would try to get them married off, “Kanya Daan”, as soon as they reached the tender ages of 10 or 13 years. This idea of sending off a child with maybe another male child or a full-grown man is especially gruesome. It hampers the psychological state of children and they are forced to mature even before their age permits.
This where the idea of marital rape comes into the picture. If the idea of marriage talks about the notion of sexual desires, then deconstructing this idea we should also take notice of whether the activity is done with or without the consent of the parties involved. Marital rape as an offence is very generalized in the Indian context as the society feels that it is the obligation of the females to fulfil any demand put forward by the male dominant.

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It is actually a non-criminalized crime in India. Also, many women do not even understand that what is happening with them is actually a kind of rape which is not normal and they do not even raise their voices against it. Child marriage is actually marital rape only as none of the kids know what is happening with them and that their consent is important for someone to do anything to their bodies.

Marriage should be consent given by both the parties so that they can be companions in the true sense. Marriage as an institution has actually lost a lot of meaning to it as people just for the fun of it rushes into it and then later regrets it which ends up in divorces.


In 2019, the no. of divorce cases hit 3122, which is actually an indication of how much of an informed decision, marriage is. I do not condemn the notion of divorces but support it only when the marriages turn abusive to both mental and physical states. It gives a person a way out to start a new life again but rushing into decisions only to regret it after a month or two is not why divorces came into the picture. Divorces were a choice when both the parties couldn’t adjust with each other not an only option to marriages.

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Talking about the normalization of marriage as a construct, it says that only two people of opposite genders can enter into a contract of marriage, challenging this, the idea of gay marriage comes into the picture. Even though gay marriage is still not accepted by the court of law in India but the removal of Article 377 of the Indian Penal Code is a step in the right direction. Marriage should not be defined by gender but by the desire of people who want to live with each other irrespective of being of the same genders. Also when we are talking about same-sex marriages, the dismissal of transgender marriages by society should also be taken into consideration.

Society should accept every gender irrespective of whether that gender is normalized by the society or not as it is humanity that counts not the organs or accepted sexual orientation paradigms.

Another aspect that is very relevant in Indian marriages is the notion of religion. As we know that India is a country that drives most of its aspects, be it political or social, on the basis of religion. In the past, interacts or inter-religion marriages were frowned upon and in many backward areas of India, it still does. Marriage should be about how two people try and are with each other with harmony, love and compatibility. Marriages driven by religion may or may not account for a person’s happiness.

Religion is a construct that man has made. no religion or caste is superior or inferior to others, it is the perspective of the being on how they see the world around them. While talking about religion, another aspect that comes into mind is family. It is said that when two people get married, their families also get married. The influence of family on marriages can many times not be fruitful as it may intervene in the lives of two people who have actually married each other for the sake of being together. Expectations from families end up breaking strong relationships.

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I know that reading my above statements may seem like marriage is a very negative concept. Why should one get married if it has such consequences? But let me tell you that the why can only be answered by a person through his/her experiences. But we can surely tell why marriage is not a negative concept. When we say marriage is about companionship, it helps people to be with their partners and share their joys, sorrows, agreements and disagreements. No one wants to be alone in this world, everyone wants to be with someone with whom they can share their lives. Even though some marriages, do end up because of some circumstances but when both the partners adjust with each other to create a family of their own, marriage seems like a magical concept. Even though before the equality between both the partners was not prevalent, but with change in times, when two people respect each other and behave equally with each other, marriage becomes a successful notion.


The offspring from these marriages tend to know the importance of family and how to treat them equally and respect their choices. Many people may say that marriage is monogamy, but we say who hates monogamy when the person shares his/her life with a person whom they love and are compatible emotionally and ideologically. Like we said earlier, marriages are no child play, monogamy does not feel like monogamy if people make informed choices about each other before choosing to start living with each other for the rest of their lives.

As times are changing, people are getting more educated and understand their rights. Child marriage is now banned in India, the Indian government has started to recognize the LGBTQ community, people are treated equally in marriages and women are respected to make their own choices. As we said earlier, the presence of consent in any relationship or any segment of life is being recognized by society. Even though in the case of marital people are still unaware, but the increase in awareness of this concept is seen in the citizens of INDIA.

Even though the above article was fully based on how a woman’s perspective, we should also keep in mind that the male figure is also as important as the female figure in a marriage.

When we talk about the consent of a woman we should also talk about the consent of a man, and if he is ready to take responsibility for a new addition to his family. They should have the choice to choose their partners as well as the woman in a marriage agreement. If monogamy applies to a man, then it should also be applied to a woman. The rights and responsibilities of both should always be equal and they should have their choices to play the role of whomever they want in order to maintain a successful marriage.

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