This article might lead you in an unexpected direction. A lot of questions might started buzzing in your brain after reading this.


Does God exist? Maybe some people will say he does exist and an atheist would say he doesn’t. It will create an environment of debate. What do you think? Any proof? If God is there why doesn’t answer us? why we cannot hear,see and feel God with these puny senses that we have. We can never see, hear and feel God just like we cannot see subatomic particles like proton, neutron etc but still, we believe in it. Hence we need a different sense to experience God which takes more hard work, concentration and penances to reap the utility of the Subconscious mind.

In our age of science, we like to think that science has all the answers to everything. There are many things in science where it is still lacking in explaining it. We want empirical proof of everything. This isn’t bad, it’s a sign of intelligence not to take things blindly. Science is just another thing invented to explain the universe which we humans don’t have the slightest idea about. So we try to justify things with the scientific facts which get replaced by newer facts. More simply science is bend to study physical things. However, God is not physical but metaphysical or spiritual. In order to study him, you need proper tools just like in science. That tool is religion.

What do you think science and religion can go hand in hand? Science is facts, religion is faith. Acceptance of one doesn’t mean denial of the other. Just because science hasn’t been able to establish God doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist or he’ll never be reached through science.

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Some of you might feel as if God exists. Why doesn’t God stop all the crimes and help this world is becoming a great place to live? Everything has a cause. Similar to my above arguments. Nothing happens without any cause. There is the first cause that sets all other causes. Then what is the first cause? You guessed right. God is the first cause.

God is not obliged to show himself to anyone or everyone. Imagine if someone came knocking at your door to open it. Would you open the door? Probably not, because everyone is their own boss. If a friend of yours came, you will surely open the door and welcome him.

Imagine, if someone who is very close to you met an accident. He is in serious danger. A doctor cannot help him anymore. What would you do? Believe me, you will only pray to God even if you are an atheist. On the spur of the moment, you will like to be wrong about your beliefs.

Hopefully, we would be able to advance ourselves in future and get the answers to all of the mysteries of life. But till then the concept of God will be the answer.

Note: This is my viewpoint only. If you have any constructive criticism. I’ll be more happy to accept it.

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