It’s been a quite busy day for a foldable iPhone. After reports that the company would cast off the touch bar and reinstate MagSafe on its upcoming MacBook Pros, as well as launch redesigned iMacs with an all-new design, a new file from Bloomberg claims that Apple is actively working on a foldable iPhone and foldable phones.


While the report stresses the company “hasn’t solidified plans to absolutely launch a foldable iPhone,” the company has started work on some prototypes in its lab. At the second the prototype “hasn’t expanded beyond a display,” however that’s the most important part of a folding phone, right? The record claims Apple has discussed a variety of folding display screen sizes, including a 6.7-inch one akin to the Motorola Razr or Galaxy Z Flip — a small phone that unfolds into a cellphone the size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This is in contrast to the greater tablet-like Galaxy Fold, although it’s certainly possible Apple is working on large sizes as well.

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A few months ago, we reported on Apple patents relating to a viable folding iPhone with separate but seamless displays. It’s not clear what kind of technology the current prototype is using, however, I find it hard to trust Apple would release a folding phone as inclined to scratches as existing ones. Foldable phones usually require a plastic top layer rather than glass, making the shows extremely easy to scratch. Models with two separate panels, like the Surface Duo, do no longer have this limitation but do now not allow for a continuous show that would allow you to view photos and pics on a larger, uninterrupted Surface area.

If Apple could find a way to create a greater durable flexible show or seamless separate displays, it could be the company to carry folding phones into the mainstream. That said, it’s worth repeating that a foldable iPhone is simply a possibility, not a given. It’s not stunning that a company with Apple’s resources would at least attempt to make a folding phone that fits its graph goals. Whether that can actually be achieved in a life-like timeline is another matter. If a foldable iPhone ever does arrive, it might now not be for a few years.

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Folding phones aside, the report had a number of more interesting tidbits: Apple isn’t planning essential changes for this year’s iPhone, and that the team is discussing dubbing the subsequent model an ‘s’ version of the phone. The organization plans to launch its “AirTags” item tracker this year after it was once delayed due to coronavirus. The company is considering, returning to fingerprint readers — specifically, in-screen fingerprint readers, as viewed in so many Android phones. It hasn’t given up on Face ID, but in a world where so many human beings are wearing masks, Face ID becomes much less effective and reliable. The company has “discussed getting rid of the charging port for some iPhone models in favour of wireless charging.” We’ve been listening to rumours about this for some time now, the mythical portless iPhone.

The next iPad Pro is anticipated to look similar to the modern model but points to a MiniLED panel for improved contrast that higher approximates OLED displays. It’s also expected to game a “much faster processor.”

Expected Price

How much will be the cost of foldable iPhone?

Well, Apple is still working on the prototype so price is not revealed yet.

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