Today we’re going over the five sneaker trends that every guy should know. I’m sure most of you know this by now, but I just love sneakers. So I definitely one of my most talked about topics here in this Article.

And if you love sneakers shoes, too, then you’ve seen a crazy change in sneaker shoe styles and trends over the last few years. It’s insane. Things that nobody thought would happen happened. So many classic sneakers made a comeback after years and the crazy modern techie sneakers are here to stay. So today we’re going to make sure that you know which sneakers in your closet are trending and, well, which sneakers you might just want to put away for a while.

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So let’s start with the number one trend, the trend that never dies, the sneaker that I think every guy needs to have in their closets, white sneakers. Summer’s here, you know, in the white sneakers. We’ll go with just about 90 per cent of your summer outfits.


It is the best investment when it comes to footwear because you can wear it all year long. And the best part, they actually never go out of style.

If you take good care of them, you’re going to wear them for years to come. Just keep them clean, you know, don’t wear them if you know you’re going somewhere, where people are going to step on them or if it’s raining outside, use common sense. Otherwise, you’re just going to get pissed off. Now, if you don’t own any white sneakers, then go for low tops to start. There’s just more you can do with them right now.

High top sneakers for men are amazing. They’re awesome. And I have a few pairs, but sometimes they’re a little bit harder to mix and match.

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The number two trend that you’re going to see everywhere that you’re already seeing everywhere is socks, sneakers, white socks, sneakers. They’ve been training for about a year or two now. And let me tell you, it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere. They’re a mix of streetwear and high tech with comfort and minimalism. Right. There’s a reason there’s so much hype behind them.


They’re the most comfortable pair of sneakers I own. They might go to sneakers for travelling, especially when I have long flights, if you’re nice and cool too, because the material they made out of is stretchy, it’s breathable. And keep in mind, guys, yes, I have. The Balenciaga speech is a little bit pricey, but you don’t have to spend a ton of cash on these, right?

You can get really nice socks, sneakers for one hundred bucks or less if you do your research.

But one thing that I would stay away from personally replicas is copies. I just hate how some stores will straight up copy the exact design of the designer brands.
I would rather go and buy the affordable type model from any of these other brands that take inspiration from the speed trainers, but don’t try to copy it to a tee. Number three, there’s no better time to buy yourself some classics, classics are classics for a reason. They never go out of style, which means you can’t go wrong with them.


But lately, classics are even more hyped.

The nineties trend is strong right now and if you’re thinking about busting out some old school sneakers, this is the time to do it. You can’t go wrong with Air Force once Converse’s or Vann’s just look around you. These sneakers are everywhere right now and if you’re having trouble finding your own style, these are a great way to start. You can rock them with anything like a white t-shirt and jeans and you’re good to go.

Next up on the list of sneaker trends, chunky dad sneakers, probably the number one most talked-about trend at the moment. It’s definitely the chunky sneaker trend. You know, it’s also probably the most controversial sneaker trend. And maybe that’s why people talk about it so much. But what’s insane about these is the hype behind them.

I’m not sure how the trend happened.

Right. So you have plenty of options to pick from.

If you’re a Nike guy, there’s something for you like the music technium. If you’re into designer brands like in, then obviously you have the sneakers. If you want something a little bit more affordable then trust me, there’s something for you to feel is made a huge comeback with the disrupter, too. And of course, the easy five hundred have been a big reason for the chunky sneaker trend.


Next, I couldn’t leave these out because you see them everywhere now.

And I’m talking about high tech sneakers and these Teche sneakers, they look like they’re from outer space. Right. Some of them actually have crazy technology built-in like the Nike air mags from the movie Back to the Future. I never thought that I was going to see those bad boys in real life. But they exist and they have so fleecing technology, which is crazy.

It’s pretty much impossible to get up here at the moment. But it did inspire the trend in the movement. So Nike has been coming out with other sneakers that are more affordable but still have that self-policing technology, the Nike hyper. Adapts, for example, are sick. They look great, they have the self-effacing tech, and you can get them right now, guys, if you made it this far.

I’m always on it, so hit me up. Thank you guys so much for reading and I’ll see you again very soon.

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