Who can dislike Sony’s PlayStation? It was a machine that brought us countless hours of fun and was ahead of its time by ushering in the 3D era of console gaming. But where did the PlayStation come from and what’s the story behind it? Let’s take a look at the story. The PlayStation all started with one man, Ken Courage, a Sony engineer. Ken first became interested in working in video games in 1988 after seeing his daughter play games on Nintendo’s Entertainment System console. Full of inspiration, Ken approach Nintendo to create a CD Rom drive for their upcoming Super Nintendo System. The new drive was to be called the Super Disc. Nintendo agreed and Ken brought together a research and development team within Sony in 1990. The following year at CES, Sony would show off the Nintendo compatible Super Disc, now code-named the PlayStation. It was a multimedia powerhouse capable of not only playing Nintendo games but also audio CDs, data CDs, and video CDs. A pretty big deal for 1991. Unfortunately for Sony, disaster was around the corner.


Just one day later, Nintendo would surprise everyone was an announcement. They announced that they would break their partnership with Sony in making the Super Disk and partner with Phillips instead to work towards the same technology. This made the President of Sony, Norio Oga, furious even more. Unfortunately for Ken, other employees within Sony thought that the idea of entering the video game industry was a bad idea and they let him know about it. In 1992, a meeting was held within Sony to discuss the future of the PlayStation.

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The concept was very close to being scrapped, but Ken reminded Norio of how Nintendo had dishonoured the company while the world was watching. Norio then agreed to let the PlayStation store project continue. However, the older generation of Sony executives was still very unhappy about Sony entering the video game industry.

This force Can and his newly formed team to leave Sony’s main headquarters and continue work at Sony Music headquarters. With the groundwork for the new project sorted, Sony had a choice to make shoot this console focus on two D graphics or three-D Polygon graphics. While the team are contemplating this dilemma and new gaming phenomena was taking over Japanese arcades. It was Virtual Fighter, a three-D Polygon game by Sega.

The Sony team now had their answer. Not long after this in 1993, Sony Computer Entertainment would be formed out of the CEO of Sony Music and Ken could argue himself. The involvement of Sony Music was actually a blessing in disguise as the marketing, creative talent and manufacturing of the disks could be done in house, saving both time and money. The following year in a Tokyo hotel, Sony would showcase some technical demos. The technical demo showed in the hotel session were good enough to open the floodgates for keen developers. Big players like Electronic Arts and Namco were now interested. So what caused all of this interest? The PlayStation has had solid three-D graphics and most importantly, CD capabilities, which were a major step above present-day cartridges. In December of 1994, the PlayStation was let loose in Japan. Its main competition was the Sega Saturn.

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Never been again. That has allowed you to fly fluid and free in real-time three-D, never, not anywhere, but especially not on that other system. Simply because with only one processor, it doesn’t have the power to do it. Fly, leaping, fly. You’re not ready? Sales for both consoles started off strong, but despite this, the Sega Saturn ultimately proved to be a failure. The main reason being that the PlayStation sold for cheaper and was also much easier to develop for, meaning many more games than the Sega Satin.


A PlayStation worldwide release would occur in 1995 and popularity sword. The PlayStation would be the first console to cross 100,000,000 sales and would go on to become an iconic consumer product of the 1990? Not even the Nintendo 64 could dampen the success of the Sony machine. The PlayStation successor, the cleverly titled PlayStation two, would be the best selling home console of old-time, selling 155,000,000 units as time went on. The PlayStation 3 and Playstation 4 would both smash hits. Solidifying Sony as a leader in living room entertainment. Being rejected by Nintendo turned out to be one of the greatest things that happened to Sony. Alright, so before we wrap up the article for all your knowledge seekers out there, Let’s take a look at five fun facts about the original PlayStation.

Five facts about Sony Playstation Store.

  1. Have you ever wondered what the square triangle, O and X actually mean? Well, Let’s take a look. The triangle represents the player’s point of view, the square represents a piece of paper for menus and in-game documents. The O means Yes and the X means no, but Funnily enough in the Western market, this was reversed.
  2. The first major Sony developed game was Motor Tune Grand Prix by a small team called Polis. Allies would go on to become Poly Funny Digital, the creator of the legendary Grand Turismo series.
  3. In 1994, Namco developed a test board called System 11 to simulate the PlayStation one during development. The first major title to use this board was a test program for a fighting game to experiment with textures on three-D characters. This experiment would eventually turn into one of the most legendary games of all time than a key PlayStation hip.
  4. The bestselling game on the PlayStation was Grand Turismo, shifting over 10,000,000 units. This is followed by Final Fantasy seven, Resident Evil Techn three, Tomb Raider and Crash Bandicoot.
  5. So what about Ken? Could argue today he serves as the President and CEO of an internet service company called Cyber AI Entertainment, Inc. Last year, Ken received a lifetime achievement award at the 2,014 Game Developer Conference.

PlayStation Price in India :

Product NamePrice in India (2021)
Sony PlayStation 4 (Black, 1TB)₹ 29,990
Sony PlayStation 4 (Black, 500GB)₹ 30,990
Sony PlayStation 4 (Silver, 500GB)₹ 44,990

Nice to see that it’s still doing stuff well on your cam. It’s pretty cool that even though people hated Ken’s idea and another company betrayed him, he’s still stuck with it forever changing the course of gaming history. Anyway, that was just a bit of technology history for you. I hope you liked this article.

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