Quick Info :

Quick Info
Name Khaby Lame
Date of Birth 9 March 2000
Place of Birth Italy
Religion Christian
Links Instagram: Khaby00
Twitter: KhabyLame
khaby lame
khaby lame

Khaby Lame is always so interested in playing games and making videos. He gained a lot of followers from across the globe in a very short duration of time. Khaby Lame’s Popularity is growing among youngsters esters and Instagram is the example of his new phenomenal journey. In an interview, he told about his basketball team during high schools. Khaby Lame is quite active on the Internet for a very long time. He had posted his first video in January 2017. Khaby Lame’s Instagram posts are evidence of his love and interest in travelling.

According to a portion of his fans, Khaby has the ideal humorist face, which is most likely the explanation for his prosperity. Khaby Lame Instagram has now acquired more than 153 thousand supporters.

He is acquiring notoriety step by step, and in this manner, his adherents’ include will ascend in the coming days. From his Instagram profile, we realize that Khaby has a sweetheart named Zaira Nucci.


We all know, Internet sensation is the new mark in the world. According to a report on average an Instagram Influencer makes $10k -12K every month. We believe Khaby mints money in the above range by doing promotional videos, advertisements and brand influencing.


Khaby has not announced it yet but few sources say that Khaby is dating a model. He has even uploaded few pictures of her unofficial girlfriend on Instagram.


It is apparent that several bad pieces of information about figures like her involving them spread here and there. Her haters can make stories and attempt to take her down out of jealousy and envy. Yet, she has nevermore given much thought to it. Preferably she concentrates on positivity and love, her fans and followers return to her. She has done excellent work to keep herself distant from controversies until this day.


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